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How to Choose the Best Menstrual Cups

A menstrual pad, a tampon, and the menstrual cups are different products. Even though these products are entirely different, they all have the same use of managing menstruation blood and to ensure it is disposed of conveniently and hygienically. The tampons and the menstrual pads are very popular than the menstrual cups because they are bought more regularly than the menstrual cups. Their producers do not invest in awareness campaigns of the product since the revenue from one-time products is not as high as that of tampons and pads.

What makes menstrual cups to be one time purchases is their ability to be cleaned after they have been used. Menstrual cups are sued by being fitted into the vagina during menstrual periods where they manage the menstrual blood. They are then removed, emptied and cleaned for hygienic purpose and in preparation for another insertion. Every woman should have at least one menstrual cup even if they have other menstruation products. The following are some considerations for selecting the best menstrual cup.

Based on your previous experiences, you should choose a menstrual cup according to how heavy your menses are. A majority of women require the average sized menstrual cups to cater for their needs. For estimation purposes, the average amount of menstrual blood is two to eight tablespoons. Those who have more than that should consider selecting menstrual cups of larger capacity.

The second factor is to make sure that the menstrual cup which you select is approved by the FDA. There are health agencies that vet products like menstrual cups to ensure that are safe for use. For the menstrual cups, it can be easy to be duped into buying substandard products because the product is not known by many. To be on the safe side about the quality of the menstrual cup, you should always ensure that it has an FDA mark. For those who willingly buy low-quality menstrual cup because they are cheap, you should be warned of the health risk associated by such products.

To conclude, you should decide on whether to go for the firm of soft menstrual cup Firm menstrual cups pop very easily in the vagina when they are being installed hence fit with ease forming a tight seal around the walls which ensures no leakages. Although firm menstrual cups are easy to install in the vagina, their tight-fitting could cause some discomfort. Therefore, if firmer menstrual cups bother you, it is recommended that you should not sacrifice your comfort while there are other softer menstrual cups which can cater to your needs.

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